David Camden is an American singer/songwriter with a stirring voice and an unconventional story. Often playing the piano while singing, his vocal style has an element of soul, but a pureness that brings to life his honest lyrics.

Born David Camden Mueller, he grew up a pastor’s son in the small town of Greenville, IL and was always surrounded by music. His father was a music major and his mother was a singer, and around the holidays the family would all gather around the piano and sing. While he never felt like he fit into the rural setting, he could often be found singing in church and performing in school musicals. He picked up both piano and trumpet at an early age and was involved in every school music group that he could join, including choir, band, and jazz band.

After graduating from high school, Camden attended Evangel University where he earned a Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in voice. During his time at college, he faced one of the most difficult setbacks of his life: losing his voice for almost 12 months. Being unable to sing was incredibly challenging, but with the guidance of his voice teachers, Camden’s voice fully recovered.

Things took an unexpected twist after college when Camden decided to move with his parents and brother to Tampa, FL. His family was struggling financially due to the decline of the economy, and had lost almost everything they had. In order to stay afloat, they adopted an unconventional lifestyle and began living in houses that were for sale. The nice furnishings from their former home enabled them to stage vacant houses in order to sell them more quickly. Having to start over and live like gypsies was difficult, but it made him more determined than ever to be successful.

In order to pay the bills, Camden pursued a career in real estate rather than music. In spite of the fact that the Muellers were struggling, their unusual story led to them being on the front page of the Tampa Bay Times and being interviewed on Rachel Bell Seattle and The Today Show. 

Around the same time, he and his brother Devin landed leading roles as realtors selling real estate on TLC’s reality TV series, Buying Naked. The show aired 10 episodes and was featured on Ellen Degeneres, Rolling Stone, Jimmy Fallon, The Colbert Report, and Good Morning America.  Many people fell in love with Camden after seeing his charming and quirky personality on Television.

While in Tampa, Camden met Producer/Manager/Songwriter Nav Ramasamy who later introduced him to John Sarris and Andrew Boss of Kama Producers. They immediately saw his talent and teamed up with him to co-write and produce the title track for his debut EP, “Grow Old With Me”. Their pop roots blended with Camden’s love for jazz into an upbeat synthesis of R&B and modern electric dance. From there, they co-wrote two more songs, “Dance On” and “Who Says You Need to Have Money”, also included on Camden’s EP.  The “Grow Old With Me” EP is now available through major online store sites including iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon.com, and Spotify. 

Camden sees music as a heightened form of expression, and the greatest reward is being able to share it with others.  In spite of all the press that he has received, he continues to remain grounded and appreciative of how far he has come. It is easy to see why his authentic nature is winning the hearts and minds of listeners, and his fresh, unique sound is taking the industry by storm.

“There’s something about connecting with an audience to make them feel something, taking them out of the monotony of everyday life and transporting them to another world just for a moment.” –David Camden